Quality Custom Machining

Chase Steel provides custom machining of parts and components for individuals as well as for companies across a wide range of industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, oil drilling, construction and more. We work with , steel and stainless steel and aluminum to produce products to meet the needs of our individual clients.

Our trained and experienced technicians utilize the latest in machining technology to take raw material and transform it into nearly any shape and size. Removing material (subtractive manufacturing) through cutting, drilling or boring enables us to precisely cut holes, slots, etc., in order to produce parts and components that meet the exact design and dimensions specified by you.

Since 1999, we have worked hard to develop a reputation as the manufacturer of choice for repeatable component parts with a tight tolerance. From the simple to the complex, our machining experts will produce the exact part that you request, including prototype quantities and small to large volume runs. Chase Steel’s fast, accurate and affordable customer service is second to none.

Why Choose Chase Steel For Your Machining Needs?


Each part we produce undergoes intense scrutiny using precise measuring equipment before it leaves our facility.

Quick Turnarounds

We know that your project has a deadline, meaning you probably needed your machined parts yesterday. While we pride ourselves in accuracy, we’re also renown for fast production. Trust that we are committed to simultaneously meeting your deadline and our own unmatched quality requirements. Our typical turn around time is 2 weeks, with recurring bulk orders incurring a 1-month lead time.

If you are wondering about the costs involved in your steel laser cutting project, simply fill out and email a .pdf or .dxf outlining your requirements to Chase Steel and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an accurate, no-obligation estimate. If you have additional questions or prefer to discuss your plans with a representative, please call us.